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Can I play for real money?
At OnlineCasino-Europa you can play almost all games for real money as well as for play money. Some selected games can only be played in real-money mode. You have the chance to try out the great selection of games and get an overview.
How old do I have to be to play on OnlineCasino-Europe or to play for real money?
In order to play on in real-money mode OnlineCasino- Europa, players must be of the age of majority.
What happens if the internet connection fails while playing?
If the internet connection is broken during play, your game is automatically stopped until the connection is retrieved. As soon as you are connected again, the game continues. The winnings you have accumulated of course also remain intact.
Can I play on OnlineCasino-Europa without downloading and installing a software?
You are also able to play all of the games in the so called instant-mode, directly on the website. In this case the most up to date version of Flashplayer is necessary, as well as the latest version of the so called Air application.
What system requirements are necessary?
You need a Windows or an Apple computer. You should have an up-to-date version of your web browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome). The download-version also works on older computers without problems. You need an internet connection. Hardware Spec: - 1,86 GHz Intel Core2Duo ir equivalent - Atom Prozessor not supported - min. 1 GB RAM Software: - Windows XP or newer - Mac OS 10.5 or higher Internet connection: - 1Mbit / 1000Kbit or more i highly recommended - Minimum 0,5Mbit / 512 kbit - your internet connection should be stabil and free of interruptions (surf sticks and mobile teethering is considered unstable)
What games can I play on OnlineCasino-Europa?
OnlineCasino-Europa offers a multitude of classic casino games and modern machine games such as table games and card games. For example, you can play different types of roulette online, you can play machine classics such as Anaconda or Fairytale online, different video poker games or casino card games such as Baccarat or Casino Hold ‘em, or even Keno. The selection is huge and guarantees long-lasting, secure gaming fun.
Where can I find the individual game rules and descriptions?
You can find instructions for our games directly in each game in the middle of the info symbol (generally on the bottom left of the screen).
How can I start a game?
To start a game, simply choose from the games overview of the online casino website a category (e.g. slot games or card games) and then select the game you would like to play from the overview and click “Fun mode” for fun play or "Real money" for real money gameplay.
How to I change from training mode to real-money mode?
You can switch to real-money mode at any time. If you are in fun play mode you need to close the game and start a game by clicking "real money". To play with real money you will need to register. As soon as you have completed the registration process you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail. After doing this your account will be activated for the real-money mode.
In which countries are players not necessarily authorised to play?
Players from the following countries cannot currently use the services of OnlineCasino-Europa: • Afghanistan • Albania • Algeria • Angola • Austria • Australia • Belgium • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Bulgaria • Burma • Cambodia • Canada • China • Cyprus • Denmark • Ecuador • Estonia • Ethiopia • Finland • France • Greenland • Guyana • Indonesia • Iran • Iraq • Israel • Italy • Japan • Korea • Laos • Latvia • Libya • Lithuania • Malaysia • Namibia • Netherlands • Nicaragua • Nigeria • North Corea • Pakistan • Panama • Papua New Guinea • Philippines • Romania • Slovenia • Somalia • Spain • Sudan • Sri Lanka • Sweden • Syria • Thailand • Trinidad and Tobago • Tunesia • Turkey • Uganda • United Kingdom • USA • Vanuatu • Yemen • Zimbabwe






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