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1       Introduction

1.1      Context

In the category “Responsible Play” OnlineCasino Europa’s social concept will be introduced to you. It should help you if in doubt as to how to deal with gambling addiction responsibly.


1.2      Goal


Gambling has always held a special attraction for human beings. As a pastime it can bring variation, entertainment, excitement, as well as disappointment. This gaming experience is the goal of OnlineCasino Europa. Nevertheless, gambling can be addictive.  The consequences are considerable and range from serious psycho-dependency all the way to personal ruin. Gambling addiction poses serious social and financial risks and without help is practically insurmountable. The most important thing is that problems with gambling are recognised early and so that extensive problems can be avoided by preventative measures. In this way OnlineCasino Europa will do its bit and support you as a player on the online casino for example by blocking you from our games for 1 day (short-term), 1 month (temporary) or 1 year (definitively).


2       The social concept of OnlineCasino Europa

2.1      What is gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction means when play can no longer be controlled and is governed by an “inner drive”. The player neglects his private and professional life more and more and loses all concern for time and money. Things such as self-respect, self-confidence or tolerance for frustration deteriorate more and more, and those affected do not notice the slippery process and only realise that they have an addiction when it is too late.

Gambling addiction develops in three phases, which will be specified in the following.



Beginner’s luck plays a part here, and the player often wins large sums of money. The production of adrenalin in these moments as well as the hope that they will win again, spur the player on to try their luck again. He is disillusioned and believes that he can influence his own luck.



In this phase the player borrows money, which he conceals. This when the process of distancing from family and friends begins, to the point of isolation. The player is convinced that he/she is maintaining an overview of his/her debt situation and that he/she can win back the money he/she has lost.



Finally, playing becomes the final thing left in the life of the player and cannot be controlled any longer. Playing has become an obsession and now not even the logical consequences, for example loss of partner of job, can stop the player from playing.


2.2      Responsible play


OnlineCasino Europa ultimately supports the principle that the decision and the responsibility regarding aspects of play such as sums of money and the extent of play, should lie with the player. The self-control of our players is their most effective protection. OnlineCasino Europa identifies its own responsibility to support the player in making responsible decisions with the aid of clear offers, comprehensive information and opportunities for action.


2.3     Protection of minors

OnlineCasino Europa excludes minors (persons under 18 years of age) from participation in games. To this end, player identification is carried out and players have to provide personal information at signup. This confirms during initial registration that a player is of age (at least 18 years old).

Furthermore we recommend our players to install a filter programme as active protection of minors. This programme is able to limit the internet access of children and minors. More information is available at Filter programmes such as can offer extensive security.


2.4      Protection measures for players

OnlineCasino Europa offers you a variety of measures aimed at self-protection, so you can play responsibly, and gives detailed information about these options. We hereby encourage you to use these.




In addition, OnlineCasino Europa offers players to individually further reduce the maximum spending limit imposed by law (wagering and loss limits: daily, weekly, monthly, session duration limit). OnlineCasino Europa requires at least 7 days to process requests to increase the personal maximum spending limit; reduced limitations however are effective immediately.



The player can himself stipulate from what size a win can be transferred.



The player can lock their self out of the online casino for specific time periods. In such a case OnlineCasino Europa offers the following options:

  • short-term block (24 hours)
  • temporary block (1 month)
  • definitive block

The player account is deactivated for the duration of the block. If a player account is blocked or closed, the money in the account will be transferred back to the player within 5 working days.


2.5     How do we help our players? - internal support

Personal support for our players is provided in relation to prevention of addiction by professionals.

A qualified social worker is responsible for addiction prevention at OnlineCasino Europa.

Should you require help, you can contact us at this e-mail address: [email protected]

Please understand that contact by e-mail must be recorded, without exception. Our colleague will contact you by telephone in urgent cases.


2.6    External  Support agencies

Hotline for the Federal Centre for Health Information (BZgA)

Telephone: 0800-1372700


The following organisations offer help in case of problematic gambling habits:

Switzerland: ,



2.7      Test – Self assesment

You can also asses your situation with the following checklist.

Check if you are exhibiting any of these behaviours:

  1. You spending more money on gambling than you had originally planned.
  2. You react angrily if you are disturbed during a game.
  3. You are trying to regain your loses through winnings
  4. You are losing your awareness of time and your surroundings and are spending more time playing than you had planned.
  5. You are not honest to your family and friends regarding what playing involves.
  6. Rather than quitting when you have won, you go on until you have lost all of your money.
  7. You firmly believe that you are going to win the jackpot and a lot of money.
  8. You think you are losing because you’re not playing enough.
  9. You only think about playing and spend more time playing that doing anything else.
  10. You have to increase the bet every time in order to feel the same attraction and excitement.
  11. You spend more time playing than you admit to your friends.
  12. Playing is more important to you than family, friends and work.


If several of these statements apply to you then you may have a serious problem and you should consult either our representative for addiction prevention or one of the listed agencies. As a first measure we recommend that you block yourself from our online casino immediately.

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